Hair Weaves

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Hair Weaves -Professional Services!

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At our salon, we have access to all the latest and greatest tools and products to make any hair style possible for you. We can take any look you see in a magazine or on TV and bring it to life. If you have short hair but desire a look that requires long hair, it’s not a problem at all. Our hair weaves are second to none and will have you turning heads everywhere you go in Hayward, CA!

At Destiny Monet Salon, you’re not only getting professional services; you’re getting expert advice. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll provide you with the guidance to get a style you love. If you desire long hair, then maybe hair weaves are the way to go. If so, our highly trained staff can accommodate.

There are many benefits and highlights to getting hair weaves, but a few of them include:

Body—If you’ve always had short or coarse hair, you’ve likely never been able to get a full-bodied hair style. With hair weaves, you can transform your look into one fit for any long hair style.
Versatility—By adding length to your hair style, you have many more options, and you can even play with different styles throughout the day. Start the day with it down and then pull it up if it gets too hot. The options are endless!
Time—Although our salon has a fun atmosphere and our staff will make you feel comfortable, it’s still important to finish the job as quickly as possible to fit your schedule, and we will.
Quality Hair—Our hair weaves use only quality products, so you can be sure you are receiving only the finest in both service and solutions.

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