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Hair Extensions - Biggest Trend!

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Look into any fashion magazine, and you’ll notice there are a few common trends today. It’s a given that every celebrity will be carrying some sort of handbag, probably has large sunglasses on, and most importantly, they have hair extensions! Do you think Paris Hilton can grow 10 inches of hair in two days? Not likely.

At Destiny Monet Salon in Hayward, CA, we love fashion and style, which is why we play with many of the same styles you’ll see in the fashion magazines. And, this is part of the reason we’re so skilled at transferring those styles to you. We want to help you get the look you need, and maybe hair extensions are the answer!

Our hair extensions come with many benefits, but a few important ones include:

Style—With long and healthy hair, you can have a new style every day of the week. Pick a different celebrity and mimic their hair style one day, then use a different one the next. Or, just experiment with your own ideas!
Maintenance—Gone are the days of worrying about maintaining all of your hair. With our expertly placed hair extensions, you will worry less about maintenance and more about which lipstick you would like to use that day.
Confidence —We should be confident no matter what kind of hair we have. However, there’s just something about long, full-bodied hair that makes us feel extra bold. Maybe it’s because we feel sexier or more feminine. Either way, it’s time to knock down some walls!

We can transform you in many different ways and look forward to building a long lasting relationship! Call us today to find out more, or simply book your next appointment to get the perfect style that will complement your amazing self!