Hair Coloring

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Hair Coloring - Fresh New Look!

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We change our outfits every day, so why not change our hair color? Well, every day might be overboard, but we love to change both the style and color of our hair on a regular basis, and we know you do too. No matter which direction you’re looking to go in, we can accommodate. Whether you want to go lighter or darker, we’ll make you look great!

At Destiny Monet Salon, we strive to provide our Hayward, CA customers with the highest quality services in a friendly atmosphere. We’re excited to have each and every one of our customers, and it shows in the beautiful haircuts and styles we create. We’re just as skilled with women’s cuts as with men’s and can cater to the kids just as easily.

While there are many benefits of our hair coloring services, the list below names just a few:

Healthy Hair—If you’ve ever used inexpensive boxed hair dye, you probably have an idea about the best and worst ways to color hair. We only use high quality hair coloring products that won’t damage your hair.
Shine—Service from our skilled stylists with top notch hair coloring products means you will have beautiful hair that shines. There is nothing dull about our end results.
Color Mix—Instead of a head full of the same colored hair, maybe you’d like a mix. We can give your hair highlights, lowlights and anything in between.
Fade Resistant—Once you have your beautiful new look, you won’t have to worry about it going away any time soon. We use the best products, which means you will receive a lasting effect.

Whether you are going for something simple or would like to devise a completely new look, we can help you get there. Our professional and experienced staff has the hair coloring skills to give you the fresh new look you’ve been thinking about. Call us today to begin!